Our Services Include:

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Boundary Surveying
Do you need to know where your property corners are for that new fence, pool, addition?  We will recovery or reset  your property corners and can provide a survey certification letter that is signed and sealed by a licensed surveyor to prove you had a professional do the work.

You have property you need to subdivide?  We can provided you with the professional services to help you through the process.

Property Line Disputes
Disagreement with your neighbor about that tree that needs to be taken care of or just generally where the property line is?  We can provide that professional service you need to be confident to speak to your township, attorney, etc.  

Topographic Surveying
Do you need a topographic survey for that new on-lot sewer, driveway, etc? We can provide you with all the data needed to complete your project.

Not sure were to start? Give us a call, even if it is not something that requires surveying we can usually help you contact who you need to.